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  • Cartoline Gastone Novelli_12 pezzi
    €1.00 €2.00

     Novelli created on the occasion of the anthological exhibition Gastone Novelli, 2006, Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation, Milan. Curated by Flaminio Gualdoni and Walter Guadagnini. Catalog published by Skira, Milan.

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  • Trittico serigrafie da litografia "senza titolo", 1969-12-14-15

    Arnaldo Pomodoro, Senza titolo
    Silk screen print from 3 lithography of 1969
    Size of paper cm 55x 40 | size of printed work cm 44x30,5
    Arte 3 di Alberto Serighelli, Milano

    Sold without frame

    Unlimited edition created for the Foundation, the proceeds will go to support the research and digitization of the Online Archive. Thanks for your support!

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